About B&W Feeds

B&W Feeds (Mobile) Ltd. is a privately owned limited company, operating from premises at Tarrant Gunville, a village on the North Dorset – South Wiltshire border.

The Company joined the Eastbury Estate group of companies in 1995.  It had previously been the animal feeds division of the local agricultural merchanting company, Blandford & Webb.

Our specific interest was the mobile on-farm feeds processing service, provided by truck mounted mills.  On purchase it soon became very apparent that the old and unreliable American milling equipment, common to all this type of business, was not able to support or provide the service required.

Investigation of alternative machines led to the importation of the first new German Buschhoff milling machine in the UK, in 1997.  So successful was this that we acquired the sole UK & Ireland distributorship for the Buschhoff Company of Germany.  New machines have continued to be added to the fleet until all old units were replaced.  The latest addition to the fleet is a Buschhoff Tourmix 04 machine, offering the very best in mill and mixing technology. Buschhoff Tourmix03

To establish the company and the on-farm service provided as equal to any manufactured feed, we made the decision to become the first ISO registered mobile feeds service company in the UK in 1998.  This was enhanced and replaced in 2004 by UFAS (UK Feed Assurance Scheme), the latest industry standard for safe animal feed production.  This has been further complimented by accreditation with the NAAC (the National Association of Agricultural Contractors) in 2006, followed in the same year by organic accreditation to ensure we are able to service the needs of our organic customers.

We have seen mill and mixing experience rapid growth fuelled by the demand for safe fully traceable animal feeds, and the low prices and margins in both cereals and livestock enterprises.  On-farm processing offers a safe and practical solution for these demands, which has been coupled with our provision of a full service for the customer providing advice, products and processing to high independently certifiable standards.  To compliment the mill and mixing business, we have developed a large range of feed products and supplements.  We also supply a full range of straights, proteins, minerals, mineral straights and additives.  Most products can be supplied bagged or in bulk.  We also offer a range of bespoke feeds made to order at our depot for customers who have no access to their own grain or who have run out.

B&W Feeds now trades across Southern England, from Devon in the West to Kent in the East, reaching up as far as Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

To capitalise on our own experience, we have also developed the mobile plant sales business.

Mobile machines have been supplied to a number of independent contractors outside of the B&W area.  With our fully equipped workshop and qualified fitter, we can provide a full service for repairs and maintenance.

Our Buschhoff distributorship also means that we can also provide a range of on-farm fixed milling equipment suited to the larger on-farm processor.  This sector has seen recent strong growth in demand and we have installed equipment right across the UK.  We can design, supply, install and offer a complete back up service designed to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Our Grainstore Cleaning and Fumigation service offers seasonal cleaning and fumigation services to farms and grain store operators. This division has also seen significant growth over the past few years as quality of grain becomes of increasing importance.

One of the most recent developments in the business is the newly established partnership with HF Seeds. HF is a company with the same ethos as our own, providing exceptionally high quality grass, forage and root seed whilst offering excellent value and technical support.

Additionally, summer 2013 has seen the launch of Mega Grain in the UK. This advanced preservative liquid gives farmers a new option for treating wet grain and we are offering not only the liquid itself but also an application service for whole or rolled grain in throughout Southern England.

Whatever you require from B&W Feeds you can be assured that we aim to deliver a first class product with a first class service.

Contact our friendly staff to find out how we can help you and your livestock. Call us on 01258 830 100