Buschhoff Fixed Plant

B&W Feeds is the sole UK distributor of Buschhoff fixed plant and mobile milling equipment. Whether you require a complete new plant or you just want to add to or upgrade your existing system, we can help.

  • We produce the BHS range of fan mills with pneumatic discharge suitable for small to medium requirements.
  • For a larger requirement we produce a range of BHOS fan-less auger discharge mills.
  • In addition, we supply several models of feed mixers with a capacity of between 750-3,000kg.
  • We can supply everything else for your plant from augers to steel or flexi breathable silos.
  • And with the latest technology, the WIDOMIX and MOLARUS computer controls ensure the most efficient, economic and accurate processing for the perfect complete feed.

Contact our friendly staff to find out how we can help you and your livestock tel:01258 830 100

Download a detailed technical brochure on Buschhoff Fixed Plant here

Fixed Plant