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Extreme Market Conditions Cause Price Increase In Supplements

Thursday, January 4th, 2018 by

A series of events have caused the Vitamin markets to go into turmoil recently;

  • At the end of October a fire in the Citral Plant at BASF Plant in Germany forced them to shutdown the manufacture of Vitamin A, E and Carotenoids. The company will only be able to restart these plants once supply of Citral is re-established.
  • In November a fire incident occurred at a Vitamin D plant in India
  • Continued crackdown on pollution in China with thousand of factories shutting down has also caused an increased strain of vitamin supply.

Extreme Market Conditions Cause Price Increase In SupplementsAs a result there is a very delicate balance on supply thus causing a significant price increase in supplements for all species.

As of 8th January (to at least 31st March) 2018 we will have to implement the following price increases:

  • Cattle Minerals        Up to 30% Increase
  • Sheep Minerals       Up to 20% Increase
  • Pig Minerals            Up to 40% Increase

For detailed prices or quotes please contact the office.

This is a worldwide issue which will be affecting all manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Some companies may try to work around this issue by reducing the levels of vitamins and pigments in their supplements, however this will of course have a knock on effect on the performance and welfare of the animals. Therefore I would advise that if you do not currently purchase your supplements through ourselves you check the levels carefully.

Remember if something appears too good (or cheap) to be true it often is!

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact the office

Kathryn Thompson (Technical Manager)

Plan ahead this harvest!

Thursday, May 18th, 2017 by

By combining cereals at 16-20% moisture and then treating with Mega Grain Liquid reservative you can:

  • Ease the pressure on when to cut
  • Save on expensive drying costs
  • Create a moist more palatable feed which will resultantly boost feed intakes
  • Prevent mycotoxin contamination of the feed


Also we are offering 2% off bulk orders of just the Mega Grain Liquid product. Minimum order 2T.

Plan ahead this harvest!

Keep your grain dry in our British weather with Mega Grain!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 by

After such wonderful weather in July, we are back to the same old Harvesting conditions – trying to dodge the rain and worrying about how wet the grain will be.  Don’t forget our new, innovative grain preservative, Mega Grain is an ideal way to take some of the pressure off the queue for the grain drier.   It opens up the Harvest Window by allowing you to cut wet grain and preserve it either whole or rolled/ground in a ready to feed format.

It can be stored in a barn or under plastic, if required, and will keep up to 12 months.

We can provide both whole or processed services depending on your requirements – we have found Mega Grain more cost effective than other products on the market plus the fact that is non corrosive makes it a much easier product to store and handle.


Colin, one of our Mill operators, can be seen carrying out the roll and treat service last week on new crop barley in West Sussex.