Do you know what you are feeding?

Thursday, August 25th, 2016 by

Now is the time to find out.

Forage analysisForage (for Ruminants) and Cereals (for Monogastrics) form the basis of most diets.

By knowing the nutritional value enables you to create a balanced and economical diet i.e. if your silage is low in energy but high in protein then in order to optimise performance of the animals supplementary feed will be required however you could save money by reducing the protein level of that feed.

WheatWhile just the smallest changes in net energy and protein value of wheat or barley can alter the feed formulations for pigs and poultry.

The nutritional value of forages and cereals can vary considerably between years, fields and cuts and so it is important to have them tested each year.

Try our Forage and Cereal Analysis

BW Feeds Forage Analysis reportB & W Feeds offer forage and cereal analysis backed up with technical support and rationing advice.

It’s simple – we can either come and test or send you out an easy to follow sample pack.

It’s quick –  forage analysis results are usually back within the week and results can be emailed direct to you.

It’s cost effective – starting from just £17.50 with the difference between a 16% protein blend and a 14% protein blend being at least £5/T it only takes 4T of blend before you have recouped the cost of the test!

Contact us to arrange your analysis report now.