Grainstore Cleaning and Fumigation Service

cleaning truckWhy should I use this service? Thorough grainstore cleaning and fumigation of grain storage facilities prior to the new crop is an essential foundation for safe, problem-free storage especially given the surge in the market prices for crops.

With a reduced number of storage chemicals now available and increasing legislative requirements for safe storage, the role of the pre-season cleaning will become ever more important.

Our team, equipped with high pressure air lances, high-lift access platforms, individual vacuum cleaners etc. provide a quick, safe and effective method to remove the dust and debris that can harbour pests.*Organic options available.*

Of course, the annual clean should be part of an integrated store management system.

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Our recommendations are set out below.

Pre-Harvest Hygiene

Thorough cleaning & fumigation of stores
Repair and seal all damage
Ongoing monitoring for pests

Grain Intake Management

Pests are sensitive to temperature and/or humidity
Dry to safe % m for storage or if storing for on-farm feeds use a preservative such as Mega Grain

Cool to 10°C or below

Store Management

Clearly monitor for pests
Regularly check for temperature


Fumigation 2We can provide a full fumigation service for the building and stores. Our trained and licensed team apply a two stage process; first a high pressure spray applicator is used to apply an even spray of insecticide to all surfaces; this is followed up with a thermal fogging to get into every inaccessible space. Full documentation is provided for assurance records.

We stock a full range of products to help you to keep your store in the best possible shape. Please call for an up-to-date stock and price list.

Contact our friendly staff to find out how we can help you and your farm tel:01258 830 100