HF Seeds – 2020 Catalogues Now Available!

Early in 2013, B&W Feeds forged a link with HF Seeds to become only one of two distributors in Southern England. It has become a highly successful partnership as our customers experience the real benefits of buying quality seed.

Why HF?

  • HF Seeds offer a comprehensive range of UK and European class leading grass mixtures and technical advice, with specific emphasis on matching ley specification to region and use.
  • HF Seeds offers the highest standard of germination and purity – higher than HVS – don’t buy  bargain “dead” seed or “weed” seed – ask your current supplier what their standards are – you might be surprised just how much dock you are buying in!! See below for more!
  • HF gives a minimum 90% germination guarantee – again, ask what is your current supplier offering?
  • HF sells seed by the kg not an acre pack – know exactly what you are getting and paying for, no mystery or surprises!
  • HF applies its“Triple Crown” assessment – industry leading appraisal and testing of varieties; be assured you are getting the best on the market.
  • HF Seeds are one of Europe’s leading grass seed producers and suppliers, part of the Dutch farmer owned co-operative DLF.
  • This is coupled with terrific technical support; free soil testing and fast direct delivery…

**A full range of root and fodder crops is also available

HF guarantee at least 10% more live seed in every bag is equivalent to a saving
of almost £12 per acre at 2019 prices. But the real value is in better establishment, more plants per acre and much denser swards.

Be sure to look for the HVS symbol on the official label of your seed!

HVS Seed logo

Why? The lowest level is EU certification which is statutory through the whole of the EU and guarantees minimum quality standards for germination and purity below which the seed cannot be sold.  The second standard is unique to the UK is the HVS (Higher Voluntary Standard).  The level to which grass seed is certified can only be identified from the label so be aware!  In the UK, most of the grass seed sold is at the lower EU minimum standard.  Not only does all HF seed meet the HVS, it exceeds it! Not sure what you need?
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Download for the 2020 HF Seeds Catalogue.
Includes comprehensive advice and technical information.

In addition to low germination standards,

UK grass seed certification also allows the presence of relatively high levels of serious grass weeds including both dock and couch grass.  Thus grass mixtures certified at EU and even HVS can introduce literally thousands of new weed seeds every time a field is reseeded.  Recognising these potentially damaging levels of weed contamination, HF Seeds imposes its own “freedom from weed” standards which are unequalled elsewhere!

The above table shows the potential number of serious weeds which can be sown per acre at different levels of certification and clearly demonstrates that HF quality standard offer huge advantages even over HVS, but when compared to the EU minimum standard, which accounts for over 70% of UK grass mixture sales, the benefit of HF quality becomes even greater.

B&W Feeds are pleased to be able to offer the following products:

  • Stubble Turnips
  • Forage Rape
  • Main Crop Turnips & Root Mixtures
  • Kale
  • Swedes
  • Cereals
  • Green Manure Mixtures
  • Game Cover & Green Manure Straights
  • Environmental Stewardship Mixtures
  • Solar Mixtures
  • Legume Crops
  • Agricultural Herbs

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