Mega Grain Liquid – New Innovative grain preservative from Germany!

Mega Grain Liquid treatment offers a simple, safe preservation method with many benefits to farmers wanting to feed their own grain or maize, requiring lower application rates than traditional grain preservation treatments.

As of 2020 Mega Grain Liquid Preservative has been approved by OF&G as a Product Approved for Restricted Use in Organic Systems.

The benefits:

  • eliminate the developing threat of mycotoxins from moisture levels as low as 11%
  • eliminate drying costs & storage issues and worries
  • improve feed quality and intake
  • improve herd health and performance
  • safe to use and easy to handle (no ADR required)
  • safe to apply and store – non-corrosive to even steel silos
  • recommended to treat grain from 11-22% and maize up to 30%


Take seemingly clean grain…

Untreated Wheat…through the cleaner and treatment auger… Screenings…and get this… P1030466…and this…clean grain preserved for up to 12 months.

Mega Corn

If you grow grain maize, it is often a costly process to dry down from around 30% to 15%. Processing then often leaves a dusty product if you leave too many larger particles animals are unable to digest. Mega Corn gives you the ability to save on drying cost AND to have a highly digestible moist product that encourages intake. Nutrient values are preserved and mould growth is prevented ensuring that you get much better value from your feed.

Click Here to see the data for yourself…!

Application Service & Equipment Purchase

With labour a tight resource at Harvest time, we can offer a mobile dosing and cleaning system with an experienced operator. The unit, pictured below, cleans and treats whole grain with a throughput of around 20 to 30 tonnes an hour. A key feature of Mega Grain Liquid is that the application is easy and safe.

Unlike other acid based preservatives only a very short length of auger is required due to the highly active and penetrating nature of Mega Grain Liquid.  Therefore, the dosing unit can easily be fitted into existing grain intakes.  As it is non-corrosive it does not damage equipment

We can supply farmers with:

  • accurate digital dosing pumps for their own installations
  • mobile dosing and cleaning auger systems (ideal for filling floorstores)
  • the possibility to hire (available in Southern England only at the moment)

for hire

Contact our friendly staff to find out how we can help you and your livestock tel:01258 830 100