Supplementary Animal Feed Products

We can supply a full range of supplementary animal feed including straights, proteins, concentrates and minerals to complement our mill and mix service, or you may purchase them as standalone products.

Depending on the quantity required, we can carry 25kg bags on the mill and mix machines.  If a larger quantity of either 25kg or 1,000kg bags is required, these can be delivered in advance of processing.  Alternatively, we can supply most straights, proteins and concentrates in bulk.  If you do not see what you are looking for, then please do give us a call and we will do our best to source it for you.

Forage Analysis – a comprehensive package of supplementary animal feed and forage analysis to enable you to get your feeding plan just right.

Minerals – In Feed and Free Access

Minerals fall into the following groups:

Major Minerals – calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium.
Trace Minerals – copper, zinc, magnanese, cobalt, iron, iodine and selenium.

Minerals are absolutely essential for good feed conversion as well ensuring healthy bone and tissue growth. We stock a good selection of minerals in 25kg bags.

  • dairy
  • beef
  • sheep
  • pig
  • poultry
  • hi-phos
  • dry cow
  • youngstock
  • hi-mag

We can also supply Organic approved minerals OR made to your own specification. Tell us what you would like and we will give you a price.

Protein Concentrates

34%, 38%, 50% Forage Balancer Pellets


In totes or bulk soya, rape etc. Conventional & Organic.

Milk Powder

Top Sellers; MD Premium XL / MD Lacto Mix. Full selection available, including goat and lamb

Sequim and Asco Marine Meal

Seaweed Meal *organic approved* a 100% natural multi purpose mineral

Actisaf Yeast

For on-farm mixing

Mould Protection

Suplex Preserve – Powerful in feed mould protection.

Mineral Straights

  • limestone flour
  • limsetone granuals
  • calcined magnesite
  • dicalcium phosphate
  • salt
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • lysine
  • and many more…

B&W Smallholder Range

The B&W Smallholder Range has been especially formulated to provide a well balanced and nutritious ration for all the stock you may have on your smallholding.  We appreciate how special your animals are so you can expect our usual high standard of feed – no fillers, no waste products and a completely open declaration of what is in it!

We stock two separate products – unistock and organic unistock.  Both are available in 25kg bags as stock items to collect from our depot. 1 tonne tote bags are prepared upon request.  Delivery also possible.

B&W Bucket, Block & Liquid Supplements

At certain times during the year, you may with to consider supplementing your feed with buckets, blocks or liquids.  We supply a range of products to suit most eventualities, but can also make bespoke formulations if required.

Molassed Mineral Buckets

Our molassed mineral buckets contain high mineral levels of both the major and trace elements. The addition of the molasses makes them palatable and waste free. As they are weather resistant, they are ideal for animals at grass or houses. Formulations available are:

  • General Purpose Cattle
  • Copper Rich for Cattle
  • Dry Cow
  • Hi-Mag
  • Hi Phos
  • General Purpose Sheep
  • Youngstock
  • Zinc

Organic options available

Larger 100kg and 500kg blocks are also available.

Feed Blocks

In addition to vitamins, minerals and traced elements these molassed blocks are based on cereal formations including Barley and Maize together with HiPro Soya. They are hard enough to withstand the worst of the British weather but also sufficiently palatable to encourage good feed intake.

500KG BLOCK CATTLE500kg Cattle Feed Block

Feed blocks are available in numerous sizes as follows:

  • 500kg Jumbo
  • 100kg Tubs
  • 20kg Tubs

We can supply innovative holders for the 20kg and 100kg tubs, affectionately known as “badger beaters!”

Suggested initial rates are as follows:

  • 20kg block at a ratio of 1 block per 10 head of cattle or per 25 ewes
  • 100kg block at a ratio of 1 block per 30 head of cattle or 50 ewes
  • 500kg block at a ratio of 1 block per 50 head of cattle or 100 ewes

Subject to formula selected and animal weight, intake of these products should range between 0.5-1kg/head/day for cattle and 30-90 gms/head/day for sheep.

Formulations available are:

  • Bio Block (organic approved)
  • Bloat Block
  • Energy Block
  • Extra Energy Block
  • HI-Mag Energy Block
  • Suckler Cow
  • Pre-Tup Tubs
  • Twin Lamb Tubs
  • Dry Cow
  • Cattle Protein
  • Sheep Protein
  • Worming Blocks
  • Deccox Blocks

Salt Buckets


Salt is an essential part of the diet and vital to stock health. It plays a major role in maintaining body fluid balances, transmitting nerve impulses and uptake of key nutrients in the blood stream.

We can provide convenient plastic buckets or blocks in a variety of sizes from 20kg to 500kg.

There are 6 types of salt licks that should suit most scenarios as follows:

  • Standard Salt (organic approved)
  • High Trace Element Salt – Cattle
  • High Trace Element Salt – Sheep
  • HIgh Zinc Salt
  • Garlic Salt

Liquid Feed Supplements

Liquid feeds are a convenient way to provide extra protein, minerals to cattle and sheep.

LIQUID FEED ON STRAWLiquid Feed on Straw

Liquid feeding is very simple and formulations can be poured over hay, straw and maize silage, adding to drinking water or fed ad-lib through wheel feeders.

Formulations include:

  • Magnesium liquids
  • Molasses based liquids
  • Urea based protein supplements
  • Cider Apple Vinegar

Please contact us for advice on specific formulations.

Contact our friendly staff to find out how we can help you and your livestock tel:01258 830 100

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